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"References were powerful and relevant" - Ury Eshun

"Ricardo was extremely friendly and well-spoken. His content was simple and easy to identify with."

- Esther Lau


Ricardo speaks internationally leveraging engaging leadership development content to keep the audience laughing and learning.  Personal and organizational leadership have many familiar but often undefined attributes that improve our ability to influence, inspire, and generate results. At both the individual and organizational level, developing leaders has become a staple and priority for progressive companies around the world.  

Ricardo builds rapport and credibility drawing on decades of real-world experience in the business and corporate world.  Your team will be inspired to action with practical takeaways on connecting, communication, collaboration, relationship building and generating results in both working environments and with customers. 

"Easy to follow, very helpful"

- Kevin Lin

"Ricardo is energetic and awesome fun.  The subject matter covered was relevant to the organization and its mission" 

 - Rodney Reyer

"Great energy and passion.  Makes you want to engage"  

- Alex Rocca

Ricardo Lopes

Managing Director and Founder - Advanced Leadership

"Very helpful presentation"

- Ying Fu

Ricardo is an independent Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team

"Very nice and concise presentation to get the message across clearly."

- Minh To

Advanced Leadership

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Better Communication, Collaboration, and Results

"Very engaging presentation with content and actions that influence engagement / participation / listening"                - Brenda Burjaw

"Excellent presentation.  It was a great idea including some employees as part of your presentation" - Rohan Thosre

Clean and well spoken.  Able to engage the audience effectively" - Ifti Rashid

"Very enthusiastic!"

- Ajitha Jeganathan

"The presentation was extremely helpful and relevant. The key concepts were simplified into easy to understand tips that I can easily remember and apply."

                                                                                                         - Mark Ng

​"Ricardo was very energetic and friendly. I found the presentation to be helpful and inspiring."    

                                               - Melissa Beilschmidt

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